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Our Story

Indonesia consists of approximately 17,000 islands with 51,020 square kilometers of coral reefs. The sea waters are home to over 574 types of coral and more than 2,000 reef fish species. Undoubtedly, Indonesia is a paradise for scuba divers!

However, only approximately five dive locations in Indonesia are popular worldwide. Information about scuba diving in Indonesia is scattered among blogs, forums, and social media, or none at all, hence, making the search for comprehensive information rather difficult.

Ann and Trinity who have been scuba diving around Indonesia and in other countries also experienced difficulty when trying to acquire information about this recreational sport. So seventeen years of friendship later, we decided to create IndonesiaDive - a platform that provides in-depth information to help you find, plan and book your scuba diving trips in Indonesia.

Why We Do It?

We’ve been scuba diving around Indonesia, and we love it!

We have been diving all around Indonesia for the past two decades. From the most popular places like Bali and Lombok to the most remote islands where there is no cell phone reception, electricity, and sometimes even freshwater. The more we dive in locations around our beloved country and abroad, the more we love and prefer scuba diving in Indonesia’s seas. That is because we know in our hearts that Indonesia is the best place in the world for diving!

We want to bring in-depth stories from each dive place

If you love something, you want to share it with the world. That is why we want to promote scuba diving in Indonesia and more importantly, to bring more in-depth stories from each dive place. Due to the remoteness of many diving locations in Indonesia, we want all the information on hand to ensure that you will receive the best diving experiences and memories to take home with you. Our extensive amount of dive information will inform you about everything you need to know so that you can fully prepare for your diving trip dream in Indonesia.

About Us

Ann is the founder of IndonesiaDive and a PADI Divemaster. She spent 11 years living in Malaysia where she ran Misstraveller, a curated dive tour agency specifically for taking foreigners to scuba dive around Indonesia, the country where she was born and raised in. Because of her passion for diving and underwater photography, since 2008, she has dived in almost all of the remote regions of Indonesia. Apart from diving, she loves sports, marketing, and technology. Her dream is that all divers in the world get to experience scuba diving in Indonesia.


The Founder and The Boss(y)

Trinity is Indonesia's leading travel writer since 2005, with 15 national best-selling books that have become movies, travel blogger at naked-traveler.com, social media influencer, and a sought-after speaker on writing and tourism. She has traveled to almost all the provinces in Indonesia and nearly 100 countries to find beaches to swim or dive in. A CMAS and SSI advanced scuba diver as well as Apnea Total freediver, she has been diving around the world since 1993. Nevertheless, she thinks Indonesia is the world's best place for scuba diving!


The Marketer and The Real Boss